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November 19th Livestream And So It Begins

Daily XRP News

I cover the anticipated turn up of Temenos T24 platform sending transaction to Ripplenet tomorrow, which will drive massive volume on XRP. We also do a Q&A session with questions from chat.

A Story About Change

Daily XRP News


  1. you should have sold at 0.50$, deluded old man.
    nothing is gonna happen!
    not today, not end of year!
    XRP 0.19$ EOY.
    Deluded boomers BTFO

    see? samiam, ridiculous false prophet, nothing has come to pass. Temenos. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH

  2. Sam, is there any way for you (if you haven't already) to speak with the individual(s) who gave the information about the Temenos switch? If, indeed, it was switched on, then obviously it had nothing to do with xRapid. And if it wasn't switched on, I (XRP community) would like to know why your source(s) indicated such. Are you able to post something like this? I assume you are on Facebook, so I will message you with my email address to put with your other thousands of requests…

  3. Just be patient fellas….I know you wanna tell ya boss beat it, so do I but 50 or 589 is not enough for me to tell jack off realx..we in this for the long ruuuun.

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