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November 21st Livestream Strange Moves in XRP

Daily XRP News

Talk about what happened on the 20th and what didn’t happen along with some interesting and unexpected events.

Daily XRP News


  1. I'm glad they postponed Bakkt….I want a few more months to acquire more XRP before it rises. I'd like to hear if anyone has any thoughts on another coin/token that is an up and comer that we can invest some of our XRP profit into and leverage ourselves into 8 figure profits. 🙂

  2. ur not wrong sam, the bear market is 665 days in total  2019 & 2020 will be not good years for crypto.2021 we will leave the bear market, and from that moment we gonna get a verry long stabile growht with all new Heights never seen before.people wont believe me but in 2021 remember my name and this post and thank me thanps wait if you want to invest in btc , it will drop to 3000,- and gonna stay there for more than a year goodluck every one

  3. please answer if you can because no one in the XRP community has thus


    if I understand correctly, there will be a $100k maximum limit on xrapid

    transfers. If xrapid is being touted as a potential swift replacement then please

    can you explain to me how this will be possible given that exchanges in places

    like Thailand have very small volume and liquidity.

    If for example, you had just 1 customer sending $100k, or even 100 people sending

    $1k each, in order to convert that xrp into local currency, there simply isnt the

    volume on the local exchange to absorb those buys. And even if the orderbook

    could stand it, it would obviously tank the price of xrp on that exchange.

    This scenario would be quite typical for many countries.

    Am i missing something here or is this flawed?reply to @hatchi dee

    Thanks for your time

  4. Sam u said u have some fancy toilet paper with pictures on it, USD, set aside to buy xrp when we dip. What's "that" entry . Is it lower then .41? Just curious

  5. In reference to the RIDDLE – "HOLD THE LINE".

    It may have several meanings, but I believe the real meaning is a reference to BITCOIN and XRP from a technical perspective. BITCOIN"S "LINE" in the sand was 6,000 and XRP's LINE is .24 cents. The RIDDLER is suggesting that XRP will hold it's value above .24 cents (the line), while BITCOIN will NOT along with most of the other ALT-COINS! Also consider that the hand on the clock is pointing to the end of the 2nd week in November…..interestingly enough, BITCOIN BROKE the LINE on NOVEMBER 14th. That said, I am anticipating XRP to test .27 cents for support, but it will hold the LINE!

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