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NWO Twitter Blackout | GITMO Active & Expanding | Tribunals To Follow 2019

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Today, we discuss how the globalists have been VERY selective with their tweets lately, and how gitmo is expanding and ready for action! 🙂

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Disclaimer: This is NOT News! This video is for entertainment purposes only. All views expressed are strictly opinion. View at your own risk.

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Daily XRP News


  1. I am more worried about FEB 1 st when food stamps go bye, Bye! Thankfully for now I am fully employed with a decent job where I do not need food stamps. There are why too many people on them no food stamps = riots!

  2. It's funny that Obama and Clinton and the rest haven't chimed in on the government shutdown the wall are the coming National Emergency someone is posting sparsely on their account to make it look like that they're still around

  3. This is what I was saying they're going after the low level people the low-level people will roll over and start testifying against the higher levels in a game of chess the pawns are always sacrificed first

  4. I'm hoping to see GITMO completely filled with these deep state criminals, traitors, and perverts. Just a bed, toilet, and sink in the cell like other prisons. No TV or upscale meals; no internet; extremely limited communication with the outside world, etc. You know, maximun security prison environment. You could have left the examples of the POS Biden's perverted penchant for little girl out of the video. Honestly, I wanted to vomit watching it. Take care and stay safe Josie Bear. We need dependable purveyors of the truth.

  5. Great reporting Josh ! I are the posts are sparse ! Something is going without a doubt ! Deep State unraveling ! You know they are definitely under surveillance ! The air is thick ! Trump has his plan in progress !

  6. Good stuff. I agree the Deep State is in deep sh*t. Let's not forget the picture Trump tweeted of the swamp creatures behind bars. That was a tell for sure. BTW the traitors are not waking up pointing to heaven, they're pointing down to their master in hell!

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