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Official Trading Volume Japan, Ripple XRP in IBM World Wire, Alipay, Roger Ver Coinflex, Cinnamon

Daily XRP News

Official Numbers from Japan for Virtual Currency Exchanges December 2018

Coinflex / Roger Ver

Bitcoin Will Hit $1 Million, Says IBM’s VP of Blockchain Jesse Lund

Digital Innovation,
Data Revolution and
Central Bank Digital Currency

Alipay and Mizuho Bank in Japan

Cashless in Japan

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Daily XRP News
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  1. What are your feelings of OmiseGo in Asian markets??
    And do you think that our coming "cashless society" is the preliminary to the Biblical "Mark of the Beast" and 666?

  2. The cashierless store is available in Seattle's Amazon go.

    Im from Canada and I purposefully went there to try it.

    Do I like it? I love it!!

    It's amazingly easy and simply.

    It knows when you actually take it versus looking at the product and then putting it back on the shelf.

    Everything you buy gets charged to your Amazon account.


  3. Eri to me whats amazing is that with all the news and headlines yet no one is seeing where all this is heading. All people are excited about is the gains to come with XRP or Cardano or Bitcoin etc.. All crypto projects will eventually intertwine into one big system ..gear wheels working together globally to control the world people by social crediting. The rich and elite has already figured it out and are laughing now

  4. count the cost!! new innovations has always caught the sheeple in a trance and as they accept it as a comfort the pioneers and innovators rape them from behind and continues to preserve their bloodline with the wealth gained from scheming in the pretense of caring

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