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Our Time Is Coming Soon XRP Family – Ripple King of Coins!

Daily XRP News

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Disclaimer: This is NOT financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Make your own financial decisions!

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Daily XRP News


  1. I was fully awake when price was .25, now it double. but u think it will go to 2000 in 5 years, that high….???what would be the reason…???

  2. Ripple the company is consistently growing and is hyper focused. They are building an incredible infrastructure for the digital asset XRP. Out of all the digital assets available not very many have a company or an organization that can come close to what Ripple is doing, much less match it. No one can promise you will become rich with XRP, that depends on how much you buy AND if you can hold/sell it at the right time. But I CAN tell you with much confidence that if you buy XRP there is a great chance that you will easily double or triple your money in the near term… much much faster than being in the stock market. Making money takes time, hard work, patience, a strong constitution and yes some luck… If xrp was a stock being offered by Ripple it would have blown up the stock market by now, with all the weekly contracts and good news it reports. But right now we just have a few whales and small money people making the buys… Trust me in the investment world 850 billion is NOTHING… Wait until the institutions start getting in and pushing crypto… then your talking trillions just from them being pumped into the market and that's before they even start pushing it to the masses….. JMHO

  3. I have so much faith in the coin. Whether it takes 5 days or 5 years , its an investment. I just dont have faith in fortune teller youtubers that when their predictions go wrong they make excuses. I dont blame people who lose faith. But then agai HODL.

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