Payroll Giant ADP Files DLT Patent Including Ripple. Moves $1.85 Trillion Per Year.

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  1. If you're an accountant, ya might wanna consider grab-bagging a fat sack of XRP…, RIGHT NOW!!! Your job was just added to the endangered species list!

  2. Hey Alex huge fan and I watch all your videos. I have one question I'm not sure is an ignorant question or I just do not understand. If xrp was created to solve a global issue and used by large markets and companies, why would they sell it on retail exchanges? For average buyers like us? Does it have anything to do with liquidity and would that even make a difference or a drop in the bucket so to speak? Thanks man

  3. There is a payroll/software company out of San Francisco called Rippling, I’m not sure if they are connected to Ripple. Just found out about them also.

  4. Just because Ripple focuses on cross border remittances. Doesnt mean they cant take over the domestic payments market too. ADP to use XRP would be massive. This is bigger than Moneygram IMO if they do "use" XRP.

  5. Funny I was watching your interview again with Bob Way when you asked him about the price of XRP going up he said he doesn’t do math, people at Ripple figure that out. Later in the interview he talks about working on complex math problems including working on his patent….clearly did not want to answer… I liked when he said when synchronicity hits things are going to go WILD

  6. Cool! I’ve been getting my paycheck through ADP the last 20 years. Would be nice to get paid weekly again should they consider it. Wonder what system pays our troops around the world and gov employees.

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