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This video is made by Alex Cobb.

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  1. I am NOT quitting what i am doing, i want to keep doing it, but do it in a more healthy way day to day, that involves less screen time, thank you all for all of your support i love you guys so much and i can't wait to get back into it <3

  2. I get how you feel Alex, but also remember this buddy, it's a means to a end, the contents you n everyone else provides, does consume a good part of my day, and I presume its the same for all of us. Sayin that, all work and no play, well need I say anymore, it will be a loss you not streaming, cos there isn't many like your self, who doesn't pump us full of shit. So go n take a rest , n come back like Rocky😎🖖👍

  3. You're young bro. You're at the age where socialization is at its highest, it should be. Go out. Meet girls. When your old like me, you'll have plenty of time to stare at the screen… Actually that's all that you'll want to do lol. Keep your head up

  4. You don't have to do all this systematically. Never should. You have to take this as a hobby. No autoobligate you to publish every day or every week, even month or year. Publish something when you feel it, otherwise don't publish at all, maybe you don't publish anymore, IT'S FINE. An artist creates a song when feels it, not because a daily obligation, and if it forces it the content is a lie. So, be natural, publish when you feel, when you have something to really say, be honest. Thats all, this has to be a hobby, an art, a fun thing, an honest thing. Avoid sistematization.

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