Peter Schiff Joins The “Say Ripple And XRP Without Saying It” Club

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Daily XRP News
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  1. XRP Will become the Global reserve!!!! This is 1000% inevitable!!!! If you have to ask why? the answer is under everyones nose, the current global reserve is and has been a disaster from day 1, and it will crash!! Just a matter of time, this is nothing more than paper and inked pictures of criminals who should be in jail & not glorified on our antiquated money supply, its backed by nothing more than just our belief, it has been manipulated by these old wicked men since its inception. XRP & Blockchain is backed up by a precise science and math!!!!, Hacker Proof and no old wicked men can ever change its outcome, fun to watch as they lose total power if you ask me!!! once XRP DOES BECOME THE GLOBAL RESERVE!! IT'S OVER!!! 10K PER XRP IS NOT ONLY POSSIBLE, BUT INEVITABLE!! 
    Look at how they operate! and the answer is clear, you can not just roll into town and expect these old farts to just blow into the wind and disappear, XRP is much smarter than anyone can ever imagine, they are going to these old institutions and making sure that all the T's are crossed properly, the DOTS are all in the right places, and going way out of their way to make sure its done 110% correctly!!! I call this measuring 9X cutting once. 
    Another thing most people don't get and I've heard this from several people who are way smarter than my self that the technology that runs XRP, is 1000 X smarter and more powerful than the entire internet combined

  2. Lol, these people LOVE conspiracy theories. Never mind the facts, they believe what they want to believe. Yet XRP remains at 0.30. In fact, it’s been at 0.30 for a year now, save for a few spikes. It’s like a stable coin lol

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