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Planning to be Rich, Part V: Investment Options!

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Disclaimer: This video is not financial advice. Any views in this video are for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice. Please do your own research and seek financial advice from a professional before making any financial investment.

Daily XRP News


  1. DM Logic its normal to question everything. I believe in XRP but admittedly do not understand it and I have more business experience than many. When doing extensive research some things I have noticed. The biggest thing popping out to me is that each time a major news article has come out for example Yale many people are saying this is great for XRP. So I did extensive searches trying to find anything about Yale investing in XRP. Nothing anywhere. What I noticed is each article that has been significant example Yale endowment. The article always mentions XRP but is completely unrelated to the article and almost looks to be placed as a distraction or to mislead XRP investors. The most promising major article I have seen with XRP is the white house examining it but after doing further research when someone says examining it usually doesn't mean to much. Can be used as marketing and later we find out all they ever did was examine it. After doing deeper research on Ripple as a company they have multiple subsidiary companies like XRP II, Ripple, XRP and even renamed the company to Ripple after originally having a complete different name. The point I am making is that this company has made it extremely complex to understand the purpose of all of its subsidiaries and many of the banks are not using XRP but might be using Ripple software. Can you please help us understand why you're all in with XRP with so many variables to the company. The way this company is set up resembles ENRON. Seems that Ripple could change its name at anytime or create an XRP II or XRP III or any name it wants to give a token and fool us all. Please note that I am a long term Digital asset investor and these questions are coming from the heart with honest concern for everyone that is invested in Ripple. I think everyone can benefit with further understanding on some of the topics mentioned here and everyone can make a more informed decision. It is extremely likely that Satoshi Nakamoto is the govt' or governments or Elites around the world deceiving the public as they've done for centuries. Why would we buy a fairytale of Satoshi with no proof that he exists or who he says he is? Just because cryptocurrencies are the future doesn't mean that they're not government funded projects. Remember that. The banks and big government will not be left behind they will always join the party with money. Money is the instrument of control and fear is the driver. DAI please respect that you and I are strangers. We've never met. Like many of your followers. Just looking out for our people. Asking questions and doing the research that many don't know where to start. Research should start with the subsidiary companies. History shows that Gold and Silver Bullion are real money. When Germany was invading the world they were stealing Gold. It is obvious the dollar and fiat currencies, and world economy is in trouble because of intentional devaluation and inflation. The real question for me is why are you not questioning everything more and not advocating diversification specifically to Gold and Silver and other crypto currencies. Just want to help others be aware of the investment risk were involved in. Are we buying Ripples XRP when we should be buying Gold and Silver or Bitcoin and other cryptos? The best thing you could do for your subscribers is take the time to humbly question everything with an unbiased approach. Because its the greatest digital asset ever created is not a fact but an opinion. Please state only facts. Thank you for acknowledging this sincere message. I support DM Logic but want him to answer the tough questions for everyone who has these questions. Blessings be upon you my friends. Health is Wealth. Be here Now! Debate this with facts not shunning!

  2. Its also important to point out that the endowments that Yale and these major universities have openly invested in for crypto is a basket of cryptos and XRP is not in the Basket. Why?

  3. Problem with having a management company handle your rental vacation home is that they take up to 50% of the proceeds. You still have the upkeep and and maintenance 365 days a year and only rent it out and get income part of the time. A lot of people are in this business but it's not really as rosy as it might seem.

  4. 1 oz gold sovereign coins allow you to walk across our porous borders with a small fortune in your pocket. Just sayin'. With that said, I like silver as currently having more potential upside, for several reasons I won''t list here. I own a vacation property on an inland lake, but as of now, I am not renting it, mainly because it needs a remodel. Maybe soon. Coastal properties are at risk from climate change. Get good insurance. I don't love bonds. If I were a billionaire, maybe. We did well on them in the past . I don't like stocks now. There are cryptos that pay better dividends than any stock now. I don't want to own a small business. I want to retire from mine, although it's given me a really decent living. I don't like flipping. I think, if you get to a position of substantial net worth, that the tax advantages of cash flow real estate are substantial enough to make it better. It has worked for me. I started with one, years ago. Now I have seven. And the boat storage, which is a micro business and a RE equity investment. But houses are best bought with cheap borrowed money, locked in for 30 years. The window is closing, or has closed, on the best opportunities there. If interest falls very low again, I'm a buyer. No Forex trading for me. Trading is too much work. More of a job than an investment. Good luck. I like the way your mind works.

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