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POTUS Global Warming Tweet & Geoengineering EXPLAINED!

Daily XRP News


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Daily XRP News
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  1. I’m taking colloidal silver and iodine everyday,I’ve also brought pure gum tree turpentine and hydrogen peroxide to detox from parasites and heavy metals which we are poisoned with everyday and I avoid flu shots like the plague,there’s natural remedies out there for everything from a cold too cancer do some research guys ditch the big pharmaceutical keep you sick over the counter drugs

  2. Please global warming, PLEASE! this real feel of -46 degrees does not = global warming! I'll drive my car around more if it will help induce global warming!! Oh, also I'll fart some more too! ALot more more..

  3. 99.99% of climate change is controlled by Solar Cycles and Earth Orbital Mechanics. the other 00.01% may may be impacted by man's activity or maybe larger and numerous forest or wild fire. Now remember weather is not Climate. Climate is over decades and century not local and daily weather event. Also Climate is always changing it is either warming or cooling. The Sun is now in a cooling cycle and it takes 2 to 3 yrs for the Earth's climate to reflect the cycle changes.

  4. I'm so glad you're feeling better today. I'm overwhelmed with the abortion issue; tired of the socialist Dems/Leftists; injustices in our govt. legal system; RBG cancelling all public appearances because she's either dead or is being kept alive just to try to block Trump appointing a new Justice to the SC; that Leftists/Dems refuse to acknowledge there is a serious drug, gang, criminal, and sex trafficking problem that is definitely getting through our borders; etc. Praying for everyone!!! Stay warm and safe. God bless you.

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