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Prepping and SHTF Survival

This video is made by To The Lifeboats.

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  1. Bosnia was a hotbed of racial/ethnic/religious divide though, neighbour against neighbour, once the dictator lifted his heavy hand (Died or stepped down) civility was over.

  2. Another item for a med kit (if it wasn’t mentioned) is dental wax. It can save your bacon if you lose a filling or break a tooth and its inexpensive. 😬

  3. Hey Sam! This was such great info and thank you for covering this topic. We are prepared. (We do not count on the gov't to help us with anything). We live in the country, too, and know survival skills; If the SHTF, we'll be ready. Glad you are as well!

  4. Sam, I think this video has value, but I think your stance on Covid-19 and Bill Gates is f$#@'d up. This disease spreads fast, and without medical help up to 5% of infected die… that's between 15-20 million people in the US alone. I understand your lack of trust in your Authorities, but really?!? Bill Gates, who I can see you despise, has seen the threat of a pandemic for years and has actively been campaigning for govts to prepare and act. Now people think he's behind this, and only wants to profit?!? WTF? That's like saying you're only spruiking XRP to be at the top of a pyramid scheme, and ignoring your research and desire to help the underdog. Not everyone trying to help has an agenda.
    Having close friends traumatized after watching patient after patient die from lack of oxygen in their hospital, then listening to you imply it's a media stunt and thinking everything is a conspiracy…. shows me how confused big sections of the community are. Your intentions are good, your actions and those with "independent rights and freedoms over the good of the community" will make Covid-19 worse in the US than in other countries. And then you'll point your fingers at authorities for mismanagement, without questioning your own participation.

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