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Pres. Trump’s “Racist” [Go Back] Tweet? | Joshie Bear Sexy Makeup Tutorial😂

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  1. DEM have been letting these women talk us down and hate America and the American people! We should have a problem with this! They are here to destroy America!! Hahahaha it is ridiculous

  2. Bear I am promoting your channel across the truth community, I encourage the seriously dark research community to get some good info and a little chuckle from ya , bear with me I say, bear with me america bear 2024 bitches!!!!!

  3. Nah. The tweet was genius. It forced Pelosi/dems to fully embrace the progressive leftists. They were starting to distance themselves from the anti American progressives like AOC, but not anymore. Also he was trying to make parallels to the anti American illegals flooding us by saying go home and fix your own shithole first. Plus the tweet totally derailed the leftist narrative about the camps. Now all they're talking about are DTs mean words. There were so many levels to his tweets its like a blooming onion.

  4. Well my understanding is the illegals that don't like this country and want it to fall. That's a lot like anyone who wants to make the United States of America a socialist country. Not going to happen. Where we go one we go all. God bless us all prayers to President Trump and family. KAG🙏❤🇺🇸👍 Israel is forever. 🇺🇸🇮🇱

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