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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Scandal – Next Up For Indictments?

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Daily XRP News
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  1. We have a Non-confidence clause. I'm hoping the opposition can vote that pedovore liar, cabal member out of office so we can finally have a proper PM as you have a proper President. You're onto something, Joshie. We hate him!

  2. Fidel Trudeau is just a Globalist Puppet doin what he's told to do. He's got Soros on speed dial and with friends like that who knows just how low Trudeau goes. I am Canadian and though I respected his dad I just couldn't bring myself to vote for him. Legalization was the only thing that got him elected imho.

  3. Joshie, he is corrupt as fuck, his dad was the same………..I am 57 yo, his father gave us debt money, we fucking hate the Turds in Alberta…………but every PM we have had in my days was a puppet………….I have not voted in 10 years because I am awake but I will vote for Max this time………….fucking love the beat

  4. Trudeau is another want to be Macron two of the same type of socialist clones not looking out for their fellow countrymen, As far as president Trump goes I agree he's doing what he can after the totally disaster of the past president picking up all the pieces takes time Rome wasn't built in a day .America is a great country if people don't like it , try living in a totally socialist country like Venezuela or China right now, This country was and will be the favorite let's all vote for capitalism down with socialism and up
    With freedom 👍Have a nice day😁

  5. Trudeau is just as bad as the rest of the sick gang members like killary, barry, biden, schiff, mcstain, pelosi, spacey, epstein, cooper, spike lee, deniro, ect. Hope they all enjoy hell very soon.

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