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Private Ledgers Explained. . . Again. . . Really (1/2)

Daily XRP News

We’re going to talk through how I think Private ledgers are being used for xRapid.

Part 2:

Music provided by Rujay.
Instrumental: “Next Level” by SeriouzBeats.

Daily XRP News
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  1. Damn Sam cant shake off the narrow minded ppl.
    That aside, Have You seen:

    "Sepa instant credit transfer scheme interbank implementation guidelines" ???
    22 November 2018

    Effective date: 17 November 2019

    Abstract :
    This document set out the rules for implementing version 1.0 of the 2019 SEPA instant credit transfer Scheme Rulebook based on relevant ISO 20022 XML message standard
    This is from European Payments Council .

  2. Sam, that was a better more detailed explanation, for me atleast. I know we didn't see eye on ripples intentions… i think i understand it better.. ima watch the video a couple more times… but you got my respect.. you stuck with it… it's out there now… its up to me to rap my head around it.

  3. -xrp launch ripple/xrp spoke never meant to be a coin like bitcoin or the gains from it.

    2. Ripple have nothing to do with xrp, now the bank part my bank ING going to use xrapid for transfers, i ask how safe is this.

    THE ANSWER: safe,cause all is working private. Boom i got my answer there are private ledgers!

    3. Ripple is going more solo and making all the big contracts,while xrp is in the dust more and more.

    4. Xrp seems more like a stabile coin every day.

    5 dont like this post? I dont care this are all facts and the truth do some research and find out.

    6. For the gains there a better projects now a day.

    7 for the long term? I see xrp .70 .80 cent. 5years? 1+dollar.

  4. Hey Sam, answer this question please. Who's gonna buy XRP in a private transaction at 10,20,30 times the price is in public markets? No one. To answer to the replicating the nostro-vostro accounts theory and settling each other with XRP, it means that this system needs private markets(and market makers), and so again they'll anyway and eventually provide the lack of XRP from public exchange where the price it's supposed to be lower, pushing anyway up the price. I'm shure D.Schwartz meant this when he said "there's only one XRP". C'mon people, I'm not a genius and you all are not idiots. Peace!

  5. Retail – I held my crypto on an exchange, sold it to an anonymous buyer…price change/transaction reflected across public charts
    OTC – Sold crypto to a friend, sent it directly to their wallet…price never moved, transaction was show on public ledger

  6. all the doubters and may sayers have not been able to answer the 1 question Where is the payment, So what did happen to it ??? it wasn't on the ledger we all see

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