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Private Ledgers Explained. . . Again. . . Really (2/2)

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We’re going to talk through how I think Private ledgers are being used for xRapid.
I have a lot of updates on a wide range of subjects in the XRP community to share with you.

Daily XRP News
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  1. I have been watching the XRP themed youtube channels for over a year and not once did anyone inform me of the private ledger system the bank would be using . All I heard was "buy more XRP cause we are all gonna be rich by December 2018". Clearly what Sam is explaining here negates such a short term explosion in price, if in fact we moon at all. If I had heard about the OTC and private ledger system would I have bought with such enthusiasm. Nope.

  2. I think one of the biggest references that everyone is missing out on is the CLOUD. In almost all of Ripple Riddlers videos you see CLOUDS. In the latest two pictures from BG123 you see the CLOUD rising from a box with a green arrow pointing to the nostro accounts (Christmas picture). And in his last picture you see the three mountains on the CLOUD. And in David Schwartz’s twitter account, his header is CLOUDS. The CLOUD is HOLOCHAIN. Not to mention that the Ripple Riddler is holding the word HOLD which refers to HOLO. HOLO is a CLOUD blockchain and some how or other Ripple will have a connection to HOLOCHAIN. My advice, get in while getting is good. For those who missed out on XRP’s low .000 prices back in the day, HOLO may be their second chance. Just my humble opinion.

  3. So a question then about "Private (Sub)Ledgers"! If the banks are wanting and able to do this – could governments then not also set up "Private (Sub) Ledgers"? Would this not allow them to then adapt a crypto currency as money…..say for example XRP?

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