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Project Ubin Sets the Standard for Central Banks to Go Digital

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

This is a follow on to the Bank of America Patent that I now think is related to their work with project Ubin. I also cover the bigger picture of Central Bank Digital Currencies, Interledger Protocol, and Ripple.

CryptoEri’s Video:

Ubin Document:

BOAML Patent:

Ubin the Future:

BIS Release:

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  1. The way you explain things is great. i don't like all the fomo and fudsters. I just want good honest documents and someone who is alot smarter then i am to explain it lol.

  2. SAM can you dig a little into the CLS-Group and their new Service CLSNet. I thought there are pretty good stuff to find on their official page. Thanks for your good work mate

  3. Does widespread integration of Ripple into global cross boarder settlement systems really entail a sharp increase in the USD/XRP exchange rate? Is that even a good thing? Don't we want a stable coin to be use to facilitate hyper FX liquidity rather than a high value or volatile token? Wouldn't hyperliquidity result in a non-investment priced, stable XRP price due to the opposite nature of providing liquidity versus hoarding/speculating?

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