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Proof Swift will use Ripple’s xRapid to Process Payments Using XRP

Daily XRP News

In this video we really firm up the RIpple/XRP/SWIFT picture of what’s coming for the end of the year. I specifically cover the Corporate aspects of Ripple/SWIFT/SAP integration that will be a key component affecting the price of XRP later this year.

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Daily XRP News


  1. Considering going long XRP, but all the $589 phoenix conspiracy theory bullshit makes it seem too obvious and thus too good to be true. There is information for the masses and information for the classes, if we know about it, the 1% and smart money is already invested. Therefore, I'm looking for possible flaws in my existing investment thesis. Here are 4 possible counterarguments to the value proposition of XRP. Please correct me if I'm wrong and leave your CONSTRUCTIVE thoughts below.

    1. Ripple owns 60% of all XRP and when they distribute more XRP into the world in places like India, they are in effect creating a larger circulating supply by releasing coins which were previously in an escrow account. If they release coins at a faster rate than can be adopted would this drastically decrease price? If Ripple cashes out their XRP overtime to increase global usage will it be beneficial to only Ripple Labs, but not to XRP HODLERS longterm? Could this be why Ripple wants to legally separate themselves from XRP because it is not a security?

    2. Since the network fees are paid through 'burning' XRPs, they essentially enrich everyone in proportion to the amount of XRPs they hold (if 1% of the tokens got burned, the remaining tokens would be worth about 1% more provided the market doesn't change). This means Ripple Labs is essentially earning 60% of all network fees on the network. This probably doesn't amount to much at the current time, but it may be more important in the future.

    3. Ripple plans on integrating all of RippleNets software products (xVia, xCurrent and xRapid) into one convenient solution known as Convergence. Does convergence require the use of XRP? or could something better replace it down the line?

    4. Large players who got into bitcoin and ethereum early on ie (winklevoss twins, brian armstrong among others) dont want to see XRP succeed and overtake ethereum or bitcoins market cap position. Some speculate this is the reason why XRP has not been listed on Coinbase. There are whales who have substantial economic incentives in opposition to XRP.

    I appreciate your thoughts and opinions. XRP is my favored altcoin and I want to see it succeed, just trying to be objective and find points of weakness in my thesis.

  2. the first, still, and always, the greatest XRP video ever made…love for crypto's is probably 2nd., and then one of your other videos is 3rd, maybe the 'greatest opportunity' video

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