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Q National Popcorn Day | What Is Trump Announcing Today?!

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  1. I know one thing, and that’s I’ll definitely be paying attention at 3:15 mark! I’m hoping declas but that’s being optimistic. Love your videos keep up the good work, and as always STAY SAFE

  2. I heard a report that along with the delegation on the bus there were apparently 93 family members going on this trip also at the peoples expense of course!

  3. what will happen today is trump will grant daca people with pathway to citizen ship or visa etc. also maybe funding in other places. 99% sure this is trump baiting the dems to DENY this offer in order to Expose to these public that the dems don't work for us. then declare a national emergenecy. hopefully they accept it but i doubt they will. always a game of chess

  4. Q has made a lot of references to "popcorn" – this could be interesting. And if anyone would dare to risk their life for the Clinton's or Obamas by rioting in the street, they are crazy. wwg1wga

  5. What's going to happen is anyone's guess!! It's exciting, though. Never a dull moment!!! I loved it when I heard that President Trump stopped her airplane joy ride!! Hot damn, I think that's great!! I love President Trump. He's light years ahead of everybody. And, I think he's rather enjoying all this. Because, he has the upper hand. He holds all the Aces. And all the Trump cards!! Haha. A little play on words there. I can't wait to see what he says!! Go President Trump!!❤❤❤❤❤❤

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