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Remember Remember the 5th of November – Update II

Daily XRP News

It’s the witching hour, do you know where you XRP are?

Daily XRP News


  1. i'm so glad i found your channel last month i don't know what made me click your video, i had no interest in XRP but i binge watch your videos and started investing when xrp was 0.41 cents.. thank you Sam for your insights

  2. The 3rd Friday in December is the 12/21. This date is in the ending of the final RR video. The moon is full on 12/22 and the moon shown here is about one day from being full. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to wait that long. Oh well. Nice work Sam.

  3. I believe AFRICA is going to help CRYPTOCURRENCY to blow up. I just wish I knew of some communications companies involved that I could buy some stock in!

    Anyone know of any?

  4. Thanks Sam for your input and well thought out deciphering… I have to think most of the time you are probably pretty close to what the Riddler is telling us

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