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Report HUGE XRP Momentum Ripplenet DOUBLES VOLUME, Ripple is PARTNER READY as global use skyrocketed

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Just listen to Warren Buffet, if everyone can see it, it is likely the opposite (paraphasing). That is, if everyone is apparently an expert on how bad Ripple and XRP is , it impossible to be true that its so obvious to everyone and is as a result likely not true. Be a contrarian investor! These media people only shill coins at the peak, so they can sell into your funds. None of them want to help you make money.

  2. I watched the entire interview on coindesk. The sheer amount of blatant ignorance is fundamentally astounding.. The dismissive way the blonde guy acts is insulting.

  3. Crypto Eri, I think that you've just nailed it. Between yours and Mickle's update, I just had an epiphany. The SEC apply for an extension, not because they want more time but because they want Ripple to come to the table for a settlement. Ripple is the one that is steering the boat here. This is why BG was able to make such an affirmative statement pertaining to Ripple's win.
    Also what you said about a larger player coming on-board with Ripple… my money is on Grayscale. Notice the timing for their Blockchain ETF…. what are the chances that Ripple will gain clarity just prior to the launch of that ETF (which by the way will be approved) and of course Ripple (XRPL) will be included on that ETF roster.
    Just my 2 cents.

  4. So ripple 15billion 1billion in cash I'll guess out of xrp sales…good business! the army pays ! Marketing and narrative the fools pay .xrp is a scam seems like a ponzi scheme . What's the price this am .50cents .

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