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Response to the Response: DM Logic VS Love For Crypto.

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. this auto played while i was in t shower & i couldn't shut off this transgender activist who's whining about "their" reputation in t xrp community who has spoken.

  2. True what you are saying except in the case of extremely good news coming out……..
    – the FED decided to buy 20 billion XRP along with a few other countries
    – Amazon says they are going to use XRP for everything they can possibly use it for

    This type of news would heavily limit the downward pressure you are talking about. We are talking about the type of news that makes the future of XRP extremely clear.

  3. You sure can sweet talk like the devil… haha na Just Joking man. Keep up the good work DM. I personally like to hear the perspective of everybody from low to high XRP price. Its more healthy this way for the community.

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