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RGTS Global a Threat to Ripple?

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This video is made by To The Lifeboats.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. What a different feel on your videos, Sam, from 18/24 months ago, with the Bearableguy123 videos and now this video today. I'm not pointing a finger at you I'm just saying what a turnaround.👍

  2. Could there be an agreement that, in the foreseeable at least, Ripple get the SME and underbanked vertices while the incumbents keep their main business? Also, the BofA patent comes to mind for some reason but without further details it’s hard to see how it could tie in.

  3. Yes, as I have been saying for a long time, the moonboy hypers trying to link XRP to a global reset and new financial system are smoking crack. This new system from Microsoft is the new system. XRP will still get partners like SBI and Money Gram, but as we have seen, that will not make price increase and will probably continue to dump as it is pegged to BTC. I hope everyone now understands why XRP price is destoryed and will not go to $5 for at least 5 years (if it is not dead by then due to these new things taking most of the market).

  4. I've been paying attention to Brian Brooks and his obsession with stablecoin coins, I'm suprised noone is talking about algorand and USDC 2.0. As Brooks stated in order for the usd to stay relevant it must be supercharged. RTGS does nothing for the usd to stay relevant. I have faith in 2 systems xrpl and algorand that's it for me.

  5. Why is everyone so black or white? Clearly listeners only hear what they want to. Ripple has laid a lot of ground work and companies have been doing a lot of testing. People don’t quite grasp how many pieces of this puzzle need to come together to work. Big business moves slow !

  6. I dunno mate. This isn’t even a thing yet. Ripple has been at this for many years. Again you should be worried if ripple didn’t have the partners they have. These guys are using Microsoft Cloud not partnered. Ripple is Partnered. These guys are in the begging stages. What they are doing may have a part to play IF they can do this. In order to do what ripple is trying to do it requires a digital asset to do so and ripple is already doing that in real time speeds. Don’t think for a second that ripple was blinded by this news and don’t think for a second with all their connections in the White House and again with all the partnerships they have that XRP is going to fail. These guys are just another tool. There are many computers in the world my friend. There are many guitars. There isn’t just one brand to rule them all. Options my friend. This isn’t a bad thing.

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