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Daily XRP News

I have a lot of updates on a wide range of subjects in the XRP community to share with you.

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Daily XRP News


  1. Just forget about it guys and come back in 2022 and I am pretty suee it'd have been increaae by 500% plus i.e around $2..
    Best investment ever.

  2. Thinking about the retail/institutional markets today and it occurred to me these are possibly separate by design. Is there a need for the retail market to reflect the institutional price? Can Ripple provide an enterprise payment solution with XRP price/liquidity from the institutional market?

    No evidence but I have a hunch this is not an accident the two markets are separate. Hope I'm wrong…

  3. Q seems like disinfo to me. There are many, but one thing the Q press kept saying, for more than a year, was that Sessions was great and "Trust the plan". Sessions was compromised and refused to uphold the oaths that he swore to.

  4. HI Sam , hope u got into some Holo – HOT, back in Nov/Dec when we briefly discussed it on one of the streams . I am planning to also get a holoPort soon ( the store has opened for pre-orders ) .

    XRP about to go BOOOOOOOOM ! 🚀🚀🚀😎

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