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Ripple Advisor , DTCC , Barclays , R3 , Swift , G20 And XRP

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  1. We will continue to see these price fluctuations. Rise and fall, rise and fall. Fine, whatever. I use this down time as the opportunity to continue acquiring. I'm majorly bullish and have reached my initial target amount, so I reset and are trying to close in on my new number at or before the time limit I've given myself.

    The world banks and financial institutions are going to receive their allocations of XRP DIRECTLY from Ripple (funded from their NOSTRO/VOSTRO accounts), which means we will NOT see any price movement at the exchanges where you, and I, and John/JaneQ Public make their purchases. Regulatory clarity could be signed and completed before or after they all have their XRP allocations. Once everything is in position, the IMF and central banks will inform the rest of the world XRP is the world reserve currency. (ROCKET ENGINES ROARING)

    Here's the deal. It will take about another year, year and a half. This of course is a guess. I understand Ripple is on a hiring spree. Hopefully, they are hiring lots of smart and well informed people in digital assets, to duplicate in greater numbers, the efforts of Brad Garlinghouse etc etc etc, to expedite this process. Another option could be that finance CEOs could GO TO RIPPLE HQ and sign up over there.

    "I love the smell of liquid hydrogen in the morning. (sniffs) Smells like victory." -Inspired by Apocalypse Now. (not that I want an apocalypse)

  2. DAI – BillyBit has predicted 12/12 of outcomes. He claims to be an insider. The chances of him being 12/12 are astronomical numbers. Worth a second look at this guy before he’s silenced forever.

  3. Rumors have it that Brad Gallichouse owned 10 billion XRPs, 8 billion of which had already been sold, and plans to maximize profits through the IPO.

    The companies participating in the IPO are Visa MasterCard, Moneygram, Bank of America, JPMorgan, and the problem is that they will buy shares of Ripple Corp. and stop using all of the XRP's institutions and only use the Ripplenet. JPMorgan had issued its own coin.

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