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Ripple And My Picks For 2019 : XRP 1 Percenters

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. At first I thought the Wallet to XRP1% ratio was really off….but then you have to take into account that each new wallet created locks up 20 XRP…..less XRP circulating means you need less to be in the 1%

    1,462,726 wallets = >29mill XRP locked

  2. How can you not pay attention to vechain …price Waterhouse coopers and Dnv gl own stake in vechain also partnered with bmw and Byd who is the largest electric auto maker in the world they also partnered with the Shanghai govt to trace vaccines from source they have a working product that prevents counterfeiting of luxury goods they have a patch that is sewn in shoes that u can scan track from source and know the product is real whether wine or handbag or shoe etc if u did research u would see how vechain should be in your top 3 oh ya they also partnered with the largest tobacco company in China oh and partnered with largest wine importer in China DIG also bright foods ! 2nd largest food manufacturer in China oh and people’s insurance company in China ! And dB Schenker largest logistics company in the world and China unicorn which is 4th largest phone carrier in the world these facts are worth a mention !

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