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Ripple And XRP Are A Threat To The Established Order

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. DAI – XRP is simply not meant for you and I. It has been positioned for the giants in the financial sector. It is for the Central Banks and IMF to use as part of our future eSDR. It will likely be used to help replace the dying USD as it is phased out. Barry Silbert has tweeted before naming XRP as Swift 2.0. Because the Rothchilds are involved they control a lot of media and can influence what is and is not discussed. The only investor I see openly pump XRP is Big Yoshi In japan!!!

  2. The significance of the number 5 with the Rothschilds started out with the five sons. They were sent out across the globe to start the Central Banking system many years ago. Each son had a different continent they were responsible for.

  3. rothschilds are extremely rich and powerful but are down on the totem pole several notches serving as the public face to the public for the families at the top/powers that rule the world, i.e. venetian black nobility banking families/knights templar/jesuits/pharoahs. (jeff bezos, warren buffet, bill gates are peasants, the public can't access the real numbers) .. the bank of international settlements is head honcho, switzerland is HQ.. the only reason i invested in xrp is because i knew what it was as soon as i came across it while investigating down the rabbit hole.. xrp is ten rising phoenix on rothschild's 1988 economist magazine… the term 'conspiracy theory' was generated by the CIA after JFK so folks will automatically disregard any info or people labeled as such.. all anyone has to do is research the rothschilds, rockefellers, freemasons, illuminati, venetian black nobility banking families, knights templars, jesuits, switzerland, bank of international settlements, federal reserve act 1913, fake crypto jews, bilderbergers, council of foreign relations, trilateral commission, operation paperclip, operation highjump, owners of mainstream media, hollywood and music studios, the hegelian dialectic, throw out the nonsense and retain only the credible info, and they will see for themselves what's going on.. there is no going around the real system, the powers that be are the ones driving the world to be cashless, to be a citizen of society you will have to use digital assets, the lower level banks and millionaires that don't get on board will be left in the dust, but you can bet your life that the rothschilds and the families they work for are the ones that are going to make sure fiat is replaced by crypto, and xrp is their glue for the new world order… heck yes, xrp's price is gonna skyrocket… after they get the right amount of players situated to play the game right.. no hurry.. its about the long run.. ciao

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