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Ripple And XRP ( Bitcoin 2.0 ) Will Be King

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Don't let the negative information sway you – stay on the course and you will be richly rewarded! Have faith in crypto and what they are have done and are doing. I know it can be frustrating, disappointing, upsetting and the list goes on and on. I have been involved in this market for several years, (not that it matters) I just want you to know that this part of the journey. Especially in this extremely new market – All can say is, Don't be a confused Hodler and a panic seller, Surviving in a correcting market in times like this is very hard ,except you have the right strategy to trade what you have. So many people told me there was no profit in trading, But Crypto Kirby has helped me proved them wrong cause i have made 3bitcoin in one week trading through his Instructions.I tried to explain to my wife how this Kirby’s program but she insisted I was reckless to invest in the said skills of someone I heard of online, my first payout put a sock in her mouth and we haven't stopped working with Kirby ever since 😁😁 Please Join me and spread the News of this Great man that helped me, lets create an awareness about him in the Crypto World to those who needs Guidance too. contact him at ,TELEGRAM +1-865-229-8500 cryptokirby247

  2. I don’t want to pessimistic but everyone should wake up and look at reality.

    I don’t want to invest my hard earn money and let the rich and dishonest control it.

    XRP is owned by certain organization, just like Enron,

    If you do your research you notice, many private dumping and buying revolved around Ripple.

    I hate to say the private owners are actually the XRP organizers who are making billions in short trading. XRP will never go up because the organizers are controlling the Ripple.. When it reached $3:00 it was a plan to make believe people to start investing.

    Unfortunately, the Ripple organization are Controlling their own discovery and as long as they make short trade, they will keep the Ripple, otherwise they will eliminate it somehow and start creating another ripple like.

    Ripple investors should all start doing research and find out the name of private traders. Its approximately 80% own ripple organizers. It more like playing game but they control both teams. They shouldn’t play with people hard earn money behind closed doors.

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