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Ripple and XRP – Through the Wormhole

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There is no better illustration of where Ripple/XRP will go over the next couple of decades. 3 second payments are only the beginning. The Internet in 1993:

David Schwartz Reddit Comment on XRP Price:

Daily XRP News


  1. Dunno if you notice but in this video and the window video where the riddler hides his face from the Wall Street goons I noticed both their suits are discolored and worn out coincidence?

  2. Sam I think this very relevant. In this video of the ripple riddler, the xrp balloon starts going through the wormhole and it is referring to the current debacle at bitcoin cash with their hard fork using the wormhole code. The xrp balloon is riding through the wormhole and while this debacle is happening and the market is busy crashing, xrp is staying strong and on course by not fluctuating too much in price compared to other assets and most importantly the volume is going up as it has past ethereum in market cap. Then when the fork is over which is today xrp is going to explode hence the breaking of the chains and fireworks at the end of the wormhole. What you think Sam I Am?

  3. What if that silver coin is meant to signify that Chase Bank will be the bank to use xrapids by the eoy. One bank according to Brad G. Chase controls the silver market!

  4. Hi Sam 🙂
    Some of the pictures, Seem to have hidden references to ancient egypt.
    Hidden numbers and letters in the forest/trees. And mountains.There are obvious pyramids, and the river might be the nile. The start of the river looks like the nile delta. In Alexandria, Maybe a reference to Alexander rotschild, WHO’s in charge of investments in digital curencys.
    The river actually cut the throat of a landscape, which looks like the the King from bearableguys castle.
    Maybe im all wrong 😂

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