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Ripple Award Winner InstaRem 2.3 Billion Customers & $20B Funding, Digital Assets ie XRP Bank Future

Daily XRP News

InstaReM Banks First $20 Million of Series C Funding

InstaReM recognised as Blockchain Innovator at the Swell by Ripple Conference; wins the Network Accelerator Award

TransferWise Undermines the Potential Advantage of Blockchain Technology

Gary Gensler on Crypto Finance

The Central Bank Money Flower

Blockchain’s Global Economic Impacts – Arunma Oteh

Daily XRP News


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  2. It should be noted that Even in Singapore where I live, NO banks are using ripple tech or xrapid for transfer, in fact the bank staff has no idea what Ripple or XRP was ?. Trust me I transfer money to Australia 2 times a month and Im forced to use the Bank and Swift costing me $30 and 3 days. However , Western Union claim to be using Ripple Tech for cross border payment. (In fact there web site has a picture of a window advertising that transfer for just $4 and a few second. However look deeper on the web site and you will see there is a statement saying that it takes 3 days and so called Minimal fees ???. Im invested in this but so far there is no benefit to the little guy transfering money every day.

  3. They have not answered my Emails and they still claim to make transfers in Seconds on there web site. .. They Lie. it takes 3 days and there using Swift..

  4. IM very tired hearing that all these institutions 190 of them are using Xcurrent or xrapid yet we as the little guy are still trying to find just one company or bank that can send money to our overseas accounts for pennies on the dollar in 3 sec as Ripple advertises. We have over 200,000 Maids and domestics Working in Singapore and there forced to use swift and pay the $30 because they have no choice. " Where are you Ripple" and Xrapid "?

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