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Ripple & Brazil, XRP Low Volume High Frequency Payments, SME Services SBI Japan driving XRP ODL

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  1. Iโ€™m loving the fees in this video, but I gotta say, my fees are the lowest. I can transfer any amount of XRP without the need of a middle man for 0.00001 XRP. This is why banks are getting scared, and getting on board.

  2. Bloody good job and great research – Just goes to show that this change in focus wasn't some knee jerk reaction, Ripple had planned this all along. Brilliant, thanks Eri X

  3. currently the Bitcoin price based on indicators such as the 100 hourly SMA, may still decline but will find support at $9,000 as already experienced and a close look at the patterns, we are still generally in a bull market and price will correct within this week. This puts the current period as the last chance one may have to buy bitcoin below $10,000 and for me, this is like reminiscing because during the last major drop, I bought some bitcoins and good enough started trading with chris mike signal and trade strategies and within a couple of weeks, I had grown my initial 3 btc to over 9 btc. This we can all agree is an astounding growth when it comes to growing a portfolio. Its always best to find a successful trader and cling to his trade systems. As for chris he can be reached on whatsapp+1(573)2273324 for assistance and guidance on how best to start earnings

  4. The strength of this game plan low amt hi freq is that it can create new demands that were not imaginable before. Like low cost flights in Malaysia. At normal price the urge or necessity to travel or to crtain destination is not felt, but once it becomes that cheap then new demand will be created even many more times bigger than the initial needs. But I still think us$0.1 just too cheap.

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