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Ripple CEO Knew , Did Coinbase Know? , Codius / Flare / XRP

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  3. I think you are confusing some things. FXRP is the digital representation of XRP on the Flare Network. You have to essentially stake your Spark on the Flare Network, to be able to receive or mint FXRP. FXRP is the asset that is used as the bridge between issued currency on the XRPL and the Flare network allowing for a trustless issuance as well as allowing smart contract functionality. The Flare or Spark token is not built on the XRPL but on the Flare Network.

  4. The moment Dan Loeb said "portal" he lost all credibility.. The word you're looking for my friend is "protocol"

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