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Ripple CEO , SEC Ethereum vs. XRP Elephant In The Room

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Daily XRP News
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  2. Gary Ginsler is a Goldman Sachs puppet and a life long Big Government bureaucrat!!!!! He is not the average retail investors friend at all!!!!!

  3. It's this simple, the USA has been targeted for an economic downturn, no longer will the powers that be allow the USA be the powerhouse it once was. They have bled your country dry, your infrastructure is collapsing, your middle class has disappeared and the puppets in government at the highest level have systematically sold your country down the river by cow towing to the financial elite.
    They have left your country in nearly 30 TRILLION in debt and have now pivoted over to Asia. Israel is going to be the next superpower through technology and China is picked to be the next financial superpower.
    All this has happened right under your noses by the corrupt politicians in power.
    Ripple was designed to take over as the world's reserve digital asset and the IMF will become the next world Bank and it will issue the Ripple escrow according to what physical gold each country has, hence Basel III, nothing more than an audit to see what amount of gold each country holds. That's why Russia and China have been amassing huge quantities of gold over the last decade and more.
    The US has gold but it has borrowed and leveraged it all out, paper gold won't mean shit in the new system. Yes the USA will still be a reserve currency but only in a basket of other reserve currencies. Digital reserve currencies that is, with XRP being the neutral bridge asset.
    How can it be neutral if it is a US company???
    It will become neutral as soon as the IMF take control of the escrow.
    The law suit is nothing more than a stalling tactic whilst the incumbent legacy banking institutions take control of the exchanges through mergers and acquisitions.
    Once that has taken place, it will be good to go, the system will then switch over to the new system, where the Old Guard will still be in full control of the custodial and distribution of the 40 Billion or so XRP's available to the domestic market and corporate institutions whilst the IMF will manage the international settlements between Central Banks.
    The whole world is a complete stage.
    ALL Central Banks on earth are controlled by the Rothschilds and a small group of others, is it really logical to think, they are invested in XRP through the SBI group, does anyone think that a puppet in the SEC like Clayton would go against the most powerful banking family on earth and put a spanner in the works by issuing a lawsuit for his own personal gain??? He was instructed to, no point blaming him, he was just carrying out orders and if he didn't, he would be probably taking a long dirt nap somewhere by now.
    No my friends, puppets act like puppets, they are put in positions to play thier parts, Garlinghouse and Co included.
    You may as well, invest in XRP and others connected to the ISO20022, turn off your phone and Internet, enjoy your time with your family and check every six months to see what they're worth, nothing is going to stop what's coming, the WEF is the new one world government platform, Ripple have done a deal with the WEF.
    Don't immerse yourself in the theatre. Watching corrupt puppets doing thier corrupt thing is soul destroying, because it goes against what you hold moral.
    Crypto Hulk on his channel said it best, "Buy your XRP, put it on a ledger and shut your fucking mouth"
    Not very eloquent but right to the point.
    Stop stressing about the performance playing out right in front of your face, there will be end to the show. All plans have an ending.

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