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Ripple CEO Weighs In On China , XRP And U.S. Regulations

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Ripple has to come up with different approaches to bring back the buyers too many bad rumors circling around about ripple benefiting at large while XRP buyers are being let down with price . Sure ripple is making all the right connections but what happens when people abandon the whole XRP pool ? BTW I am one of the XRP investor myself .

  2. Hello all smart friends. I had a interesting talk with a friend of a friend last evening. He was working in a near hospital where I live here in Norway, and he also got a high degree in economic. Looong time in the classroom, to long if u ask me 🙂 Anyhow……..we got into talking about crypto and whats going on in the asia area. He told me that China is so long in front of it, and there r many tech companies that are working on programs to implement when things get the right moment. They r ready to ding the bell any time. Crypto will have a massive impact in China he told me. Didnt get the idea that he was a man that told lies and fake news.

    On the contrary, he knew much more than me in crypto and what it is. Ripple r weel know over there, but that is other companies to. Remember that. There is a race of who gets the important impasses here and there he told me. If xrp will be the big thing that we hope, was never talked about, but that we have to be calm and hope for. Im glad Im sitting in several good, healthy coins, and have several legs to stand on. Just betting in one coin, well….ur choise. The bottom line…….china is building a massive portefolio to be bigger in the world seen from the economic side. There gone be some new times very soon we both agreed on. Fiat is never going down, but there are new things coming that will change the balance in the world. China is not very scared for the U.S and all the mambo jambo that comes out in the media. They are a very healthy superpower that works inn many directions, so thay r ready for what ever coming he told me and smiled. Go figure that and read behind the lines I will say…… 🙂

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