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Ripple Chairman In The Middle East And Protect Your XRP From SIM Swap Attacks

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  2. I got a Ledger last year to store my crypto's, set it up then when I went to put in my code it did not work. Thank God I didn't put any cryptos on it. Husband also found an article where a guy paid a hacker to retrieve his btc off his ledger and he was able to hack into it. It is not secure as u think also it is not that user friendly. The design sucks as with most early crypto wallets/devices. I'll be waiting until technology catches up and works out the bugs(just like autos) I hope people r not that stupid to put all their cryptos on a phone or a small device that can easily be lost with a slip of the hand or hacked. Thanks for the info on the SIM card swap as I was not aware of that but either way I don't take chances.

  3. Hey DAI, I did something about this, I recently changed my cell phone number on my accounts to my home number so now they actually have to call me with the code at my house, what do you think about that! I know that if you want to access your account right away and you're not home It might be a little more difficult but I think it would be much much more difficult for a scammer to access an account though!

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