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Ripple, Coinbase & Global Brain invest in the FUTURE! Securitize platform, SBI Last Roots to US!

Daily XRP News

Ripple, Coinbase and Global Brain has invested in Securitize, Inc., a compliance platform for issuing and managing compliant digitized securities on the blockchain, through its GB-VI Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership.

Blockchain Expo Santa Clara California with Last Roots and Ripple Speaker Craig DeWitt.

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Daily XRP News


  1. I think you can bundle multiple securities into one token which is really huge when you think about it. You could create tech sector digital assets or energy digital assets. This is really really huge development. Kinda like a tokenized share of mutual funds that could be swapped. Exciting possibilities.

  2. Hey Eri – you are my first or last stop for crypto analysis. I watch others but they are so bombastic and over the top that I love to come to you to hear the same or similar messages delivered in a calm and non-occultist manner. I really do appreciate your work and your delivery.

  3. Hi Eri, Sweet Job !!
    There is a new "Tuber" that I believe you would enjoy. She's pretty new to the scene. I'm only her 149th subscriber, so far.
    She is sharp, down to earth, witty and very upbeat. I'm sure you would find her to be quite refreshing. Her tube name is XRP Rainmaker.
    Please give her a look. You won't be disappointed.
    (Single Mom raising her Son and finding her way in Crypto.)
    As always,
    Thanks for everything you do.

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