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Ripple : Cory Johnson our digital economy: to crypto and back at CXC Panel

Daily XRP News Published on 2 Sep 2018

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OUR DIGITAL ECONOMY: TO CRYPTO AND BACK is the theme of this CXC panel discussion co-hosted by Denise Roberson and Shahi Ghanem.

Panel Guests Include:
Tom Lee – Co-founder, Managing Partner and Head of Research at Fundstrat Global Advisors
Jessica Versteeg – CEO Paragon Coin
Paul Krugman -Nobel Prize-Winning Economist/ Columnist for the New York Times
Cory Johnson- Chief Market Strategist-Ripple
Lilia Infante – Special Agent US Department of Justice/ DEA Cyber Task Force

Panel Questions Include:
1. TO THE PANEL NAYSAYERS: Why will Bitcoin or blockchain SUCCEED? TO THE PANEL YEASAYERS: Why will Bitcoin or blockchain FAIL?
2. Are basic, foundational economic fundamentals, triggers, and influences changing with this 4th Industrial Revolution? If so, why? What are the new fundamentals and influences?
3. Cryptonomics vs. tokenomics. What’s the difference and does it matter? What will a cryptocurrency or token look like or function like in 2030?
4. If you could change one thing about how a crypto-currency or the blockchain works, what would it be?
5. TO THE PANEL NAYSAYERS: If you are correct and Bitcoin/blockchain fails, what is an unintended consequence that occurs?
TO THE PANEL YEASAYERS: If you are correct and Bitcoin/blockchain succeeds, what is an unintended consequence that you foresee?

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Go Cory! This noble laureate winning naysayer is so tunnel-visioned -how sad..why can he not see how front end settlements alone cannot expedite transfers to seconds/minutes like a digital can?

  2. 7.47 an economist replies "does anyone care about the backend". My wife uses the phase "thats why pigs eye", when she hasnt got a fucking clue what she is on about. Do you know why Swift has call centers placed all over the world, because they have a 6% error rate, yes 6% error in dealing with your money. Yes your money. This adds up into huge admin costs when dealing with trillions of pounds of the worlds finances and this is why the hard working individual sending money to there family from a not so well off place has to pay a huge fine back to the financial system for Swifts downfall. Now I ask you "does anyone care?". Your fucking right we care as Cory Johnson rolls his eyes in dis-belief at the dinosaur who is probably the CEO of Swift.

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