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Ripple Director Kitao to establish SBI Virtual Currency STO w/ Large Unknown Securities Company

Daily XRP News

Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO of SBI Holding , responded to the interview on “Jichi News Agency” on July 2, 2019, and is preparing to establish a new group of cryptographic assets (virtual currency). Revealed that The new organization is aiming to ensure the sound spread of the Security Token Offering (STO), in which companies raise funds using virtual currency. A large net securities company is expected to join the new organization that aims to spread STO.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. WHEN, not IF

    I think we all thought the when was just around the corner when we got in back in 17/18. The expected value of XRP in the future has continually gone up over this time period

  2. Liquididay! Haha this is the first steps to a liquid world! …What bridge currency might be used on ILP to allow for exchange between all these tokens? 😉 Thanks Eri!

  3. “It is schmak insurance… Bitcoin and cryptos are a fantastic fundamental hedge and store of value against autocratic regimes and banking infrastructure that we know is corrosive to what the world needs to work properly. You cannot have central banks infinitely printing currency. You cannot have folks with misguided and missdirected monetary and fiscal policies… To have the ability to hedge that out in a way that is not fundamentally correlated to the people in the infrastructure that made those decisions of which we are not a part of, I think it´s a smarter bet. In the case that those in charge of the infrastructure get it wrong, that 1% investment in crypto may save us all.” By some wise guy, not mine.

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