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Ripple Engaging With Central Bank Regulators, Coindesk xRapid FUD, BItcoin Miners Shutting Down

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. It's been clear for months that Ripple is the Central Bank vehicle to maintain their status quo.

    If you want the Central Bank cartel to control your life on a whole new level of servitude, by all means, continue to fund Ripple via XRP agency.
    And don't claim later you didn't know…

  2. Diversification… just take a look at the CMC graphs of the top 100. Look similar ? Absolutely. All move with BTC and none are judged on their individual merit. All go up and down similar %. Same shapes. (Until XRP decouples through utility) so why diversify same percentage gains same percentage losses. Pick a good horse and hodl

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