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*RIPPLE GOING TO JAPAN??* XRP: One World Currency? CBDC Adoption In Real Time

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Daily XRP News
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  1. US$ is the dominant currency in the world. Most of the dollars is outside of US. How does it affect the economy in USA vs outside of USA? 13 T$ is outside of USA in debt. Who will pay that debt, USA? It´s their currency, or? I think the smart thing to do is to value a country in their own cbdc currency first and then compare this productivity/GDP in US$ terms. The other way for US if they issue a US$ cbdc first because they are the greatest country in the world, what will happen? I think the world in economic terms will be unsafe, as today. I think that USA have an really tough hail storm in front of them, economically. They can´t pay back the debt bonds that other counties have on them as a `threat`, that will `starve` the people for decades, as they become the new powerhouse of produktion to pay back what they own others. This situation must be handled with political professionallity, to get rid of all foreign US$ debt without starting war about fraud confetti paper money that will get people killed. 3 peace treaties have the government of USA get involved in to date, and more is to come, i think. USA must stay back this time to the internet of value, but i think they are the leader of this transition. If the government succeed, i think they earn a Nobel Price in peace. Tough road ahead, but they say that it´s going to go quick….

  2. I think you do have too much faith in the USA. US politics have been dropping the ball for quite a while now. But I do hope they get their act together because the results could be catastrophic.

  3. QUESTION: Ken Kurson arrested (ripple exec, has ties to Trump) … and departmental of justice published something last week that named Ripple in a negative light with regard to crypto … regulations, ripple threatening to move … then we have Brian Brooks pushing for what he wants … what the heck is going on here!!!??

    How does this tie in to the 2020 election? How does this tie in to the power swing that would happen if Biden is elected? What decisions will be made? What regulations will be made or not made?

    XRP seems to me to be a tool of the NWO interests at this point (I hope I’m wrong) …

    Meanwhile we have NESARA GESARA & return to a gold standard VS the great reset

    Holding gold silver XRP XLM ALGO … what you guys holding and why?

    Fiat going bye bye ⏰

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