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Ripple ILP Project Stella BOJ & EU Central Bank, Powerful Whales Moves XRP Price & Others

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

The Stella Project Bank of Japan BOJ and European Central Bank

G20 Meeting 2019 Agenda for Osaka Japan

Travis Kling and Risky Whales on Ran Neuner CNBC

Travis Kling in Tokyo

生き甲斐 = Ikigai
Find your ikigai!

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  1. Not having a go but the reality that in this market TA in this manipulated asset class basically held hostage by a a single coin (BTC) is useful only to those selling courses or paid signal groups who are guaranteed to make money regardless of what the price does.

  2. So basically, what you are saying is: TA charts are pretty worthless in this manipulated market.

    I agree. I don't rely on TA analysis, I use an alternative method of predicting the markets. I find it's just as useless/successful. I study the tea leaves, poke a dog turd with a stick, and ask my next door neighbour's one-eyed cat for advice. Yes I know, it's a little unusual, but it works for me. I find it's as good as any TA charts.

    Best advice, just buy and Hodl. Patience is the key.

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