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Ripple Interledger Delft – We Need Internet of Value 8 June 2017

Daily XRP News

1. Interledger Delft – 8 June 2017
2. Interledger Project KEY FACTS Open Protocol Community Group @ W3C 220+ Contributors Banks Central banks Payments companies Tech giants Consulting companies Blockchain companies
3. October 2015 Published the Interledger White Paper November 2015 Launched Interledger Community Group at W3C February 2016 First workshop in San Francisco (50+ attendees) February 2016 First draft of Crypto-conditions RFC March 2016 First draft of Architecture Overview (ILP – RFC 1) June 2016 Re-launch of website July 2016 Second workshop in London (70+ attendees) July 2016 IETF Berlin – BoF session September 2017 W3C TPAC Lisbon – ILP Community Group meeting October 2017 InterledgerJS launched at the JS Foundation November 2017 ILP Kit v1 released March 2017 ILP Address and Packet specs released May 2017 ILP Kit v2 released June 2017 Third workshop in Berlin A Little History

Daily XRP News
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  1. Great video as always. Thank you. The future is changing and 90%-95% have no idea. Now is a great time to be in the crypto market. It's the beginning stages and people just need to be patient and make wise decisions. The writing is on the wall. #don'tbeaBilly

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