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Ripple is brilliant loaning XRP to start-up Fintech’s to grow & compete, DOJ Regulatory Clarity? NO

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  1. out with the old in with the new. Old guard need to retire. Problem is the elite want a decimated population. Weeeeeeee the people dont mean an iota. Still nice to hear the finance swamp butt pucker. No action corrupt. Cronyism at the highest level. Judges, DAs , forked tongues, scales, musky stench. SWEET, they run our lives. Nice work lobbying our publics lives away. Weeeeeeeeee. are soooooooooo stupid to let these sick-os carry on. There should be people outside the JPM offices asking clients why they continue to support drug cartel supporters. That would suck for JPM. But is there one group looking for finance to bust corruptions balls. Crickets people absolutely ok US public supporting their run away government. Nobody is going to police them for you and they are coming for everything you have …….like your social security.

  2. Immigrants in UK get more money plus free housing than legal citizens who worked all their lives in UK, they have a head start which is unfair, if they were that great they would have made it where they ran from their own people , all fat young greedy men who left their own behind.

  3. As expensive vehicles appear to be an aspiration for so many XRP holders, let me voice my opinion on that aim.

    I'm a second hand Nissan Micra kinda guy – when I make more than I need, I'll still be a Micra guy.

    The reason is simple. The world is drowning in pain and injustice and self-aggrandizement and the accruing material goods simply adds to the pain of others – you know, rubbing in your importance and adding nothing to improve an already unjust world.

    It's really nice to be intelligent, although being such does not preclude being stupid, immoral, hubristic, dishonest, devious or any number of other unpleasant attributes.

    My goal is to be charitable and compassionate. Kind and understanding. Honest and decent. I'm trying to reach those goals.

    So the importance you 'think' will be bring you great pleasure in life… probably will not. I'm 73. I've been there.

  4. so is this just using xrp for the sake of using xrp ? i cant see how this helps the price of xrp ( i know i know, its using it, its getting it out there) but this use of xrp is a closed network yes ? like its never bought or sold on public exchanges ? so its like otc-otc ?

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