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Ripple is to XRP as Exxon is to Oil. One World Ledger Coming.

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  1. The FED has sailed into un-chartered waters per se. The relief money given to banks is at zero percent, to which they are going to purchase ETFs (exchange traded funds). The FED has never done this before. Of course they've (the FED) created this economic "monster", and essentially are playing to both sides of this disaster. Each successive economic collapse has been exponential in growth compared to the prior. The US economy cannot withstand another "Black Swan" even such as this, because it would likely be so large it would be the end of the United States. I would infer that a new system has been set up, and will quietly moved into place. *cough* XRP!!! *cough* Stay tuned.

  2. Hey DAI. Can you pls post link to that article from Adviser Bid News – the global digital reserve currency and future of financial services. Thx

  3. As response to your upper middle class statement, they have a stimulus for them but it won't be as much but that's beside the point as to your comment, how would you like to see the stimulus done would you want everyone to get the same exact thing I think that would be fair but I also think taxing people in that way is something we should have been doing for a long time, taxing people at the same percent regardless of how much you make, would you like for the stimulus to give more to the upper middle class I could see you agreeing with that but would it be fair as the virus is not based on your social economic status it just treats us all the same so that point could be made but also you could say if they make that amount of money they should have a savings which we know thats not true for every body but it is a valid point, would you rather not have a stimulus at all that would be fair but is that rational when you know some will be affected anyway, rich poor are middle class, the point I'm trying to make is you talk about the stimulus package but you offer no solution and I think your big enough to know that's Trump like when he critics Obama care, you have to have a better solution to talk down on the current one, don't take it personal just keeping it real.

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