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Ripple Lawsuit, XRP called a currency by DOJ & Fincen, SEC Cyber Enforcement Dir Kristina Littman

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Let us find out, the any other coins are using our money and dumping it to Bitcoin. BTC is the one; in the end there will be only one. And it’s BITCOIN. and they are setting up alt coins to slow down Bitcoin. or possibly the alt coins are crated by the government to slow BTC down.
    But if investing on alt coins make more money; IM IN…. but damn, they got my 10k again somehow, I’m down; again

  2. Hope Christmas went well. No surprise that I totally agree on your viewpoint. In EU and UK a major contributory to 'Abuse of Process' is delay in bringing a case to Court. Where any potential wrongdoing is identified there is an expectancy that it would be reduced, removed or replaced. So unless during conversations Govt had with Ripple execs declared such changes were to be made then they (Govt) are compliant in any supposed crime. Not a great starting point – delay=Abuse of Process. IMHO

  3. Amazes me that they move on entities that cause the least problems, whilst banks central banks knowingly carry out activities that cost the tax payers 100s of billions in loses and wrecks financial markets.

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