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  1. Today, banks of all sizes are being held back by outdated, legacy systems and increasing regulations. But customers want innovation more than ever. It’s time for a new approach to financial software. Leveraging the combined strength of Misys and D+H to create Finastra, we’ve developed a dynamic, open platform that lets financial institutions integrate new technology seamlessly – bringing new products to market more quickly and creating a better customer experience.

    Look at their legacy products i.e. D+H & Misys, wowwwww….!!!

  2. Nice one Sam, i'm 100% behind you for sure. You hit the nail on the head about these haters. These haters are narrow minded selfish people who are full of their own need to feel important. They can only derive satisfaction by trying to insult & belittle others, this stems from their own insecurities & inadequacies showing them to be very sad individuals indeed. These same haters are the very same people who would do nothing to change life for the better of others less fortunate than themselves having no empathy with others & just going through life with the attitude of I'm alright Jack! These people are just self indulgent pricks that do not realise there is more to life. Let them all stay in their sad little world while the rest of us get on with real life & go make a difference to our own lives that of our families & also the lives of people & animals who are less fortunate than us. There is no better high than seeing the reaction from someone less fortunate getting some much needed help & assistance. I have my own goals & things I hope to achieve if xrp goes where I think it will go, my family & myself will be very comfortable but I know I will be able to hold my head up high as the plans I have will benefit many who are in need of help. Keep up the good work Sam & stay strong, there are many of us who think like you & will alway support you. Have a good day my friend.
    Regards Alan

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