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Ripple Q4 Report Just Released. 650% Growth in ODL. No Open Market XRP Sales!

Daily XRP News

This video is made by Alex Cobb.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Great video, thanks for increasing our knowledge, jumping from XRP to BTC has shown to be more profitable, last year was a bad year in the world of crypto which made price fall from 13000 to 7100, during the fall I lost most of my coin and decided to quit trading or buying BTC until saw a post giving accolades to Mr. Adrian Markus for his great deeds, so I reached him, he asked me about my experience of which I explained so he introduced me to his specially designed layout which helped me increased my portfolio, with his strategy I was able to move from 0.9BTC to 1.36BTC in just 3weeks because of the increase of bitcoin to 7800 now trading has being more easier and profitable, for help reach Adrian on Telegram ((Adrianprofit)), now is the best time to increase your portfolio or recover your loss

  2. I've completed a 12-page report showing as to how Ripple programmatically oversold the XRP market by approximately 5.21% of the current circulating supply (~42 Billion) based on the bad CMC sales data numbers. How can I get this report to you, Alex? If anyone else is interested, please contact me.

  3. Arthur Britto former numero uno NSA cryptographer and co designer of XRP. " XRP MUST BE SCALABLE TO ACCOMMODATE 7.5 BILLION PEOPLE AT A VALUE OF $10,000" need i say more, plans are in place but there is still push back from the deep state, President Trump will not be removed from office which will signal the beginning of the HIGH profile indictments on capitol hill. All potential trade partners are aware of the impending GFR and the introduction of the all new QFS. Anyone notice how friendly everyone seems to be towards President Trump? One year ago these same leaders were making fun of him. #LEVEL PLAYING FIELD #THE BEST IS YET TO COME #TRUMP PENCE 2020.

  4. Thank you for this video, Alex. I appreciate it.

    All the negative moonbois complaining about price. The price is a distraction and XRP isn’t meant for us. You should be looking at the tech stack and what it can do. You’re investing in the protocol which most people probably have no idea of what I’m talking about.

    We are early, and things are only starting. We all have yet to see what is possible and I wouldn’t bet chump change on it. You should be lucky to have an opportunity like this. Sit in your car seat and buckle up or sell me your small bags. I am happy to buy at the current price.

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