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Ripple Riddler Clues us into the Bull Run Finishing out 2018

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I decode the latest puzzle from the @RippleRiddler on Twitter. He’s giving us clues on what to expect as the next bull run takes hold in October and finishes out the year with a new king taking the cryptocurrency throne.

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  1. What if you read the stones left to right, the most left is july august nothing happend still bear market. In september it started, than we had oct wel oke. Look at nov and beginning of dec, you set of whit the shortest leg, not the longest that is on sept. And than it goes just like a sprinter as he starts, the leg/side thats closer to the ground sets of the most energy

  2. Just realized that maybe the bull and the riddler holding the flag is to show that a bull being deceived because the job of the bull fighter is to manipulate the bull into believing. But this is why we must HODL.

  3. Casually watching this at the end of november seeing basically everything came true….

    I bought my XRP based off the facts available though, didnt even know this dude existed until after. Makes me wonder now if Ripple Riddler isnt just one of the higher ups at Ripple with insider knowledge of their timeline and activities. Making predictions on how the market reacts to them at that point, isnt really a prediction but a calendar and this twitter account is a hype man.

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