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Ripple , SBI VC Volume , CoinMarketCap And XRP

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Well said DAI. My biggest concern is incorrect / manipulated values by the likes of coinmarketcap. We need figures that are a true reflection. After what coinmarketcap did last year we should boycott them. They are sharlatans.

  2. DAI, I am a huge fan and subscribed to you when you were sub 10k. I have a question.I have been in XRP since it was below 0.14c and currently my portfolio is 100% xrp. I hold in excess of 6 figures in xrp, enough to possibly be a private OTC customer, but there is the problem. I am starting to believe that we are all being played by ripple. They use the huge power and support of the mighty xrp arm to fight its social media battles and drive adoption through out small to medium businesses but what have they done for us in return? Day after day we hear great news for ripple but the price doesn't move an inch, but one article about some garbage POW coin LTC and it jumps 30% for 2 to 3 days on the spin. I believe that RIPPLE is keeping the xrp price flat for their OTC customers because they are all they care about. In addition, we are all hoping that once mass adoption is here the price will rise. Why? the institutions don't need to buy from retail exchanges, they will just buy OTC. Most large banks and institutions have already smelt the money and will have loaded up on xrp without moving the price and there is still 60 billion xrp available. Once they have made a purchase the amount will last them years as the burn rate is so low. Banks and institutions have no need to buy from the retail exchanges and we will be stuck with an assest that just sits here while even garbage altcoins and POW assets will all rise significantly when this asset class goes main stream. RIPPLE is playing us retail supporters for the sake of its big business goals, just like some smiley faced while toothed slippery American door to door insurance salesman. It is the greatest digital asset ever made, but I believe that we are being had……PROVE me wrong…….please.

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