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Ripple Sells 1.13 BILLION XRP To ODL Customers. XRP Usage Heating Up Big Time

Daily XRP News
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There is one thing that Ripple has that is very special. Every quarterly markets report completely trumps the previous quarter by significant percentage gains.

As of Q2 2022 Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity product, that leverages the digital asset XRP, grew 900% YoY (Year over Year) while at the same time they just sold $408M in XRP to ODL customers. Things are clearly heating up behinds scenes while Ripple works in silence and lets their real-world success speak for itself.

Ripple stated that it would continue to purchase XRP from the open market as ODL continues to grow parabolically.

Ripple has been a buyer of XRP in the secondary market and expects to continue to undertake purchases at future market prices as ODL continues to gain global momentum, an excerpt from Ripple’s Q2 2022 financial report.

While the long time parasite of the XRPL Jed Mcaleb has finally drained all of his billions of XRP in his “tacostand” wallet, Ripple is moving forward with global coverage of ODL and scooping up XRP on the open market to sell to big customers. Which will inevitably create pressure on the XRP price to start moving up and reclaim the $0.70-$0.80 region.

How much XRP did Ripple buy from the open market in Q2 2022? $1.71B

The last point we would like to make is that with all of these crazy newfound growth numbers from the Q2 2022 XRP markets report, Ripple is being suspiciously quiet about new partnerships and progress with the developments of their current partnerships.

Perhaps, we may hear something from them soon…

Daily XRP News

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