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Ripple/SWIFT Interopreability and Global Adoption Clues

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UPDATE: Someone suggested the term token may be referring to the security key fob. After thinking about it, I think this is correct. Hate to back down from such an exciting claim, but that’s likely correct. – RSA is the number one vendor in the space and they refer to their access keys as “tokens”. It’s clear to me that’s what SWIFT is talking about in the slide. Everything else still stands. I’m leaving the video up because everyone makes mistakes, and its’ important to recognize and acknowledge that. On the flip side, It’s a very poorly worded slide.
Instead of “using tokens today on internet” it should be something like “using tokens today for access over the internet” That would make the slide much clearer. Sorry for the confusion folks.




SWIFT GPI Aug. 2018:

Swift/Ripple Integration Hint: swif_gpi_brochure_march_2018.pdf

Daily XRP News


  1. Interesting video. You made one little mistake: the DZ Bank is not the German equivalent of the Fed. It's a private bank that's part of Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken Co-operative. The German central bank is the Deutsche Bundesbank. Anyway, great video. Keep the good stuff coming.

  2. Hi Sam, then can you explain how the banks/temenos making transactions of billions of dollars any moment will make buy and sell of xrp at the same time will throw the xrp price like crazy up and down. Currently if any body sees the orderbook of the exhanges, they dont have enough orders to cater the needs of billions of dollars transacting now and then. And even if the banks are purchasing at below $0.5 now and after November 30, they will sale/dump all their xrp to complete the transactions and they will crash the XRP price. Can anybody explain how the price behave at the time of transactions?

  3. Instant settlement. Instant settlement. Instant settlement. Xcurrent, swift, everyone will plug into ripplenet for INSTANT SETTLEMENT! XRP price up up and away!

  4. One day, stories will be written about a cartoon bear, Sam-I-Am and the Ripple Riddler, 589, Vincent Wilson(s) and the YouTubers and early investors in XRP. You are part of, and experiencing, a historical event unlike anything before in an investment space.

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